A New Age of Senior Care

Welcome to A New Age of Senior Care at Wellington, an assisted living facility.  You will feel right at home in our assisted living facility, come join us for a tour.  Our facility has enough room for only 14 residents.  We are small on purpose, this way, we can dedicate more time to each and everyone of our residents.  A New Age of Senior Care specializes in the care of persons with dementia and Alzheimer's.  We are a residential assisted living where maintaining a home-like environment is one of our main concerns.

Our facility is a secured environment for persons with advance dementia.  We have many features in place to keep our residents healthy, happy and safe.  We have a physician that visits the residents once a month.  Home Heath agencies can continue physical therapies started at the rehab center.  Bloodwork and labs are drawn and picked up at the facility.  We even have a podiatrist that visits to check on the health the feet for our residents.

New Age Senior Care maintains a low caregiver to resident ratio.  With 14 residents, there are always 3 caregivers working until 8pm, by which time, everyone is usually in bed, except for the more independent residents that choose to stay up and watch TV.  At night, we have motion sensors in the rooms that alert the staff if someone gets up in the middle of the night.  Closed circuit cameras are strategically placed throughout the facility to keep an eye on the residents even when the administrator is at home.

Our rates are all-inclusive except for incontinence supplies which are billed at-cost on a monthly basis based on an individual resident's usage.

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A New Age of Senior Care at Wellington Inc.
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Wellington FL 33414
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