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Dementia Care

At New Age of Senior Care, we take great strides in the care of our residents with dementia and Alzheimer's.  Our entire facility was designed to take care of residents that tend to wander.   Below is of list of features that were designed to protect residents with dementia and Alzheimer's.

  1.  24 Hour Closed Circuit TV monitoring of all common areas - Protects staff and residents
  2.  Secured Garden area accessible by residents - exits require security code
  3.  Bed Alarm to warn night staff when a resident has gotten out of bed - fall prevention program
  4.  All doors leading to garden chime when residents open them - Alerting staff when a resident is outside
  5.  Doors leading out of facility can only be opened by staff with keys - Keeping resident safe within the facility
  6.  Kitchen is secured so that residents do not have access to sharp utensils and hot surfaces
  7.  All showers are walk-in showers to prevent falls in bathtubs
  8.  Toilets and showers have grab bars to help the resident keep their balance
  9.  ALL Bedrooms and bathrooms have safety locks that staff can open with master key
10. Cleaning supplies and disinfectants are behind secured areas
11.  All medication are secured in a central location dispensed only by staff
12.  Resident bedrooms, at the request of the families, can have sensors installed to let staff know when resident has gotten out of bed or moved into the bathrooms. 
13.  Activities tailored for each resident's level of mobility.

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